God Bless the Fisherman

Heading out to sea

To fill the hold, full of dreams

For the love of his family


The Wild Atlantic Way

Has given us a home

It's rugged, majestic shoreline

The Wild Atlantic Way

Say farewell to the harbour

Hours before dawn

Witness the sunrise

Reflecting our ancestors eyes


Remember those who sleep

Deep on the sea bed

Lost, but not forgotten

Our ship’s bell will always ring


God Bless the Fishermen

A mother prays

Bring them home safe

To the love of their families

The Wild Atlantic Way
Written by Francie Conway & Rory Conway
The Lonesome Boatman
Written by Finbar Furey

Backing Vocals
Vivienne Boucherat

Vocal, Acoustic Guitars,
Keyboards and Mandolin

Francie Conway

Bass Guitar
Peter Miklos Erdei

Finbar Furey

Drums and Percussion
Matt Kelleghan

Lead Vocal
Bianca Kinane

Backing Vocals
Chris White

Electric Guitar
Brendan Williams

Produced and Arranged
Matt Kelleghan &
Francie Conway

Tempo Studio, Dublin.

Francesco Gatti
Storm Studio, Dublin.


Aidan Foley at Master Labs, Dublin.

Atlantic Photography
Brendan Williams

Artwork and Web Design
John Reddy  |  Paintbox, Dublin

Francie Conway photo by Dominic Lee
Priory Studios, Dublin

Backing vocals arranged and sung by
Vivienne Boucherat & Chris White of Sunfish Music Ltd.

Bianca Kinane  |  www.kinaneewart@btinternet.com

Finbar Furey  |  www.finbarfurey.com

Peter Miklos Erdei  |  www.themultiversesound.com

Matt Kelleghan  |  tempostudiodublin@gmail.com

Brendan Williams guitar recorded at Little Dylan Studios, Killarney  |  www.littledylanstudios.com

YouTube video by Eugene Murphy

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